About Critter Care

Homesteading in the Land Down Under


Critter Care is a 40 acre farm nestled in a small corner of the beautiful Somerset shire, just a couple of hours inland from Brisbane. Our family moved to this property over 13 years ago.

Our hobby farm is home to a range of animals, from our cuddly cows who provide us with fresh milk to the cheeky chooks who lay eggs for us daily. While these ladies help us in our goal of producing our own nutritious food, we also have a menagerie of pets including horses, donkeys, alpacas, ducks and more. Our farm is protected by Moose, our ever vigilant maremma livestock guardian. We also have three rescued house cats, Beaver, Walter and Jabba; our retired maremma Falkor; a sweet little dachshund called Pippi; and William the dove.

Critter Care is a branch of our family owned company Nature’s Wonderland.

Our property also incorporates the Club Verdigris Eco Retreat, our luxury rural eco-friendly accommodation. With three beautiful rooms to choose from, top class amenities, a central lounge and kitchen, guests can relax in the tranquility of the countryside and enjoy tours of the farm.

We are also passionate about protecting the endangered Australian wildlife species of our country. Many have already gone extinct and we want to help stop this from happening. We focus on creating and revegetating various areas of the land on our property to create a suitable habitat for our wild friends. We are registered with Land for Wildlife and the Wildlife Land Trust and are proud to be home to a family of local koalas, along with kangaroos, bearded dragons and confirmed sightings of over 70 species of birds.

At Critter Care, we hope to create a better world for the fauna and flora of our world and to encourage sustainable, ethical small homestead farming.



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Animal Welfare

We believe all animals deserve to be loved, respected and cared for. Many of our own pets are rescues, and we always keep the happiness and health of our animals in mind, such as practising calf sharing with our cows.

Wildlife Conservation

We are passionate about protecting the native environment of Australia. We have been revegatating our property for the past 13 years and dedicate approximately 12 acres of the property to a native wildlife and plant habitat.


We preach what we practice! Through videos, blog posts and workshops, we help raise awareness about animal welfare, self sustainability, conservation and how to keep animals and produce your own food while keeping it cruelty-free.