9 May, 2016

Healthy Reasons to Keep a Cow


If you have considered getting a house cow but maybe thought otherwise, here are just a few reasons why keeping a cow is healthier for you in every way!

Healthy for your Body

Milk, especially when raw, has a great deal of health benefits. It’s a perfect source of almost every vital nutrient, including all 8 essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and more. When your milk comes from your own healthy cow, you can rest assured that there’s no hidden nasties and that you’re reaping the benefits of its unadulterated, nutritious goodness. Milk actually only contains about 3.25-5% milk fat, so you don’t need to feel guilty about downing a glass of your own creamy fresh ‘white gold’.

And Out!
Milking and keeping a cow is a great excuse to workout. The milking motion strengthens the muscles in your arms and hands, particularly the forearms. It also takes a surprising amount of coordination to  milk with both hands and actually get the milk in the bucket rather than on the ground, your feet, your cow’s feet, your face… After the day to day work of hauling food, mucking manure and maybe even dragging a reluctant cow or calf around, you’ll find yourself fitter and stronger in no time – and when summer rolls around, you’ll probably have a great tan too!

Research has shown that owning pets – and I certainly consider my cows to be my pets, as much as my cats and dogs – increases physical health, strengthens the immune system and results in fewer doctor visits.


Healthy for your Mind

Most house cow owners can agree that the time spent milking their cow is a special time to relax and ponder your inner thoughts as your rest your head against her warm, furry flank. It is a great opportunity to step back from the hustle and bustle of the day and just sit quietly.

Spending time with animals enhances your mood, helping to fight off depression, grief and stress. The stronger your connection with the animal, the better you feel when you’re around them. It’s easy to fall in love with the big, dark doe-eyes of your favourite bovine, whether she be jersey, holstein or anything inbetween. And there’s no better way to lift a weight from your shoulders at the end of a tough day then sitting with a contentedly cudding cow and telling her all your worries – they make great listeners, and won’t talk back!



Healthy for your Land

Let’s face facts – cattle are manure machines, but this natural fertiliser can be a blessing for our gardens. A large cow can produce almost 30kg of faeces in a day, but the solid dry material you are left with ends up being around 3kg. This manure is wonderful to compost and spread over the garden or plant straight into, as long as it is composted and not too fresh. Our most vigorous veggie garden beds are those that were 100% manure. When spread across paddocks, the manure is also helpful to fertilise grass and boost pasture production . A properly maintained, rotational grazing system leaves you with healthy, rich paddocks.

Cattle are not fussy eaters like horses and will graze on weeds as well as grasses. They make great natural lawnmowers and can be trained to tether or electric fence to graze down those pesky overgrown areas. Tallulah, my jersey, always loves her trips around the house yard to eat down the overgrown patches!

Tallulah Grazing Overgrown Patch

What are some ways in which you think keeping a cow makes you healthier?

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